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International students in academic libraries are a subject that has generated some interest in library science. As a part of my TACE coursework, I studied a few of the more recent articles (last ten years or so) on the subject. In this article, adapted from my coursework, I try to present some of the main points from these studies.

Libraries survey international students, both to find out problem areas in their information literacy skills and to find out what kind of services international students are hoping to receive from libraries. A good example of this type of survey is the one conducted by Pamela Jackson in the San Jose State University (Jackson, 2005).

Jackson found out that international students are used to modern information technology and are reasonably computer savvy. This means that if international students have trouble using library services to their full extent, the cause of this is something else than simple lack of technological skills. Jackson found out that certain Western library concepts, such as interlibrary loan and librarian reference-by-appointment, were new to the international students answering the survey. This could be solved with better communication by the library. In fact, the surveyed students themselves ask for more extensive introduction and orientation to the library services and policies. (lisää…)


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